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_cross platform calendar

Julian Grüneberg, Sina Schulz
supervised by Ann-Kathrin Spörl

sep 17 - feb 18

short description

Everyone is familiar with the feeling in the morning, the alarm clock rings, breakfast is served in a hectic pace, you rush to the first appointment on your agenda. Obstacles such as traffic jams come at inopportune times. During the journey to date A thereby further dates are taken up and the schedule becomes always fuller.

Calido is a smart calendar application that facilitates the organization of appointments and offers a cross-platform solution. Access and a quick overview are available on the smartphone, the iWatch as well as in the Apple CarPlay. Calido can support the appointment organization by recognizing free appointment options. Calido also takes into account appointment overlaps, taking into account travel times to be planned.


the colour of the application is deliberately reserved so that you can concentrate on the essentials and even in a darkened meeting room you can inconspicuously accept, decline or enter new appointments. Keep an eye on your agenda at all times and be reminded of further appointments in good time, calculating the current traffic situation.


"It's not too little time we have, it's too much time we don't use." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca   
One day has only 24 hours - use it sensibly. Just like keeping an eye on the screen time, it also helps to analyze your calendar to find out how much time you have spent with what lately. From this conclusions can be drawn and accordingly value can be put on date changes making it a new way to check your work life balance.

check your own work life balance