projects about

_an open source icon library

project started with 24 students, ever-increasing number of participants
supervised by Prof. Daniel Utz and Prof. Benedikt Groß

sep 17 - feb 18

short description

In everyday life we find the most different icons. With their help emotions or even guidance systems are expressed.

The exploration of the use of emoticons in modern times was explored during the course. The aim of this project is to compile a library of its own, filled with a uniform icon system with a focus on its own university and its courses of study. This should prevent the use of unequal icon styles and promote the conscious use of icons.

finding a shared style

at the beginning of the project we started with different icon styles. Together we agreed on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual proposals. From this we derived a uniform icon style for our joint project.

outlined icons

for a well usable icon library we divided the most important icons from the Unicode Consortium among each other and created further icons necessary for our courses of studies and projects. Especially for interfaces we created an outline version and a colored version for the print area.

colored icons

"a picture is worth a thousand words."

In addition, we succeeded in generating our own icon font. Now you can even write with icons. You can download single Emojis in different styles to use in your projects or even contribute yourself to let the library grow.

open source

The project lives from the joint participation and introduction of new emojis. On the website you can find the whole styleguide and a guide to participate your emojis. It is still not finished and is constantly evolving. E.g. you can now also load a sticker set on your iPhone and use the openmoji stickers in your own chat messages and change the colour of your skin as you please.